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Speculative Linz

Speculative Design Study, 2021

A city with an unconditional basic income? A model in which each of us effectively uses some of our working time to engage socially? A city with such renowned courses of study that we even get paid to attend university there? The Silicon Valley of Austria? And still enough money to provide social equality and a low-cost life for everyone?
Linz is a city where work and prosperity have always flourished. Nevertheless, the city's reputation as a dirty industrial city in the 20th century still influencing the image we have from it from time to time. That this is no longer the case can be countered not only by its international notoriety in the arts and culture sector, but also by the feedback from residents who describe Linz as a modern and creative city with potential.
The city council plans to transform Linz into the most innovative city in Austria. But how can the image of an industrial city change into that of a social innovation city of the future? Speculative Linz shows a general picture of the city in 2050, supported by four other future scenarios presenting the life of a co-parenting family. How could Linz change positively in the next 29 years if we master various social challenges in almost three decades as a community and create social equality for all? For what aspects in the areas of Industry and Network, Education, Transport and Social Engagement could the city become a new hotspot for innovation?
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