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Zweisam is a longer writing piece in German prose Denise Hirtenfelder is currently working on. The content is about an introvert young lady that develops in her alonesomeness a fictive twosomeness with a mysterious man. He seems like a mirror to herself because their relationship to each other is very intimate – a bonding she cannot feel to any other person. The writing is built up like a lovestory with moments of self-awareness. In reality the young lady is affected from a de-personalisation and de-realisation of the world. She experiences sceneries with this mysterious man who is always wearing black turtleneck sweaters and cotton trenchcoats in different periods of her life that do not actually happen. They just exist in her fantasy. In her own imagination she is impacted by an obsession that becomes prevalent.

This audiovisual work is connected to Hidden Publics in society. 

Text, Audio, Editing - Denise Hirtenfelder

Camera: Anna Lorenz

English Subtitles: Jakob Damhösl


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