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You in my Skin

Fine-Art Project

“You in My Skin” combines the mediums text, textile art and performative installation to topics such as skin conditions and identity. Denise Hirtenfelder wants to create a visual and non-visual space where she can express skin diseases in metaphorical presentations that can be seen, heard, and touched.  The project shall make people aware of the dimension of skin disorders in our society. Therefore, Denise is working with skin diseases in an aesthetical way and aims to make approaches with a taboo topic in a vulnerable but beautiful representation.
You in my Skin is an emotional work supported by scientific background research to express the feelings of the artist who has dealt with psoriasis for many years. The work is mostly based on personal experience and the one of other affected people, research, and was initiated by an ongoing interest in topics such as skin and self-expression.

In 2020 the artist released her first exhibition in Millstatt am See where the spectator was confronted with interactive installations, audio recordings, photographs printed on transparent material to evoke the feeling of one’s own skin becoming translucent of aggressive treatment methods, textile art and various textures that replicate skin.