You in my Skin

Sometimes I feel my face moving into yours. Our skin becomes one. I could paint a picture of us together but then I am not able to find you anymore.

You in my Skin is a story about skin and skin disease in relation with identity and home. the question who i am in my skin deals with the journey of finding ourselves and discovering the intimate feeling of alonesomeness as well as loneliness. Our body and skin is the home that is permanently around us, the personal surrounding we always carry with us and where we are living in. It embodies the mentality of our souls; the feeling of being alive but also of being fragile and vulnerable. We cannot decide in which skin we are born or reborn. We cannot flee from our skin. it is impulsive, touchable, a texture, a surface.  dictades the activities we are able to perform and what is visible for us. 

You in my Skin  is an ongoing project by Denise Hirtenfelder exploring the fields of photography and experimental writing. Hirtenfelder already worked in former projects with skin and the  skin disease Psoriasis. She looks constantly for people who are as well affected by skin disorders or/and who feel insecure with their identity to share experience and inspiration. If you are interested to be part of You in my Skin  in any form please leave a message:

Thank you: Suelae Robinson, Monta Petersone, Jesse Blaauw, Bas Draak, Anja Winkler, Wijkcoöperatie Rotterdam, eyes&ah, KUNSTradln in Millstatt

 © 2018 by Denise Hirtenfelder

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