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a groundbreaking device in the field of entertainment and leisure


Spitting Ibex, 2018

Spitting Ibex, 2018

What is Lono?

A Lono is a device that uses bone conduction to help to listen to music. This device will revolutionise the party scene, from house parties to clubs and even concerts. The concept is simple- every party goer will be equipped with a lono device. The lono device plays music which is selected for you and your mood. This allows you to party to your favourite songs. You always have an option to control the volume of the music you are listening to or even pause it. This makes it easier for you to communicate with your friends or even make new connections without the problem of having to shout over unbearably loud music. With Lono you are in control.


How does Lono work?

4Element 1.png

Well first of all there are 2 ways of registering sound ; the first is through the air and the second is through vibrations on your skull. The latter is the one that bone conduction uses. Through vibrations on your skull the electrical impulse reaches the brain and helps us to register sound. Bone conductions is part of our everyday lives. An example of this is the way we hear our voice. Our voice in our head sounds different to a recording of our voice. The reason for this is because the voice in the recording is transmitted to us via air and when we speak we listen to our voice through bone conduction. 


The device plays music which is perfectly suited to your preference via an algorithm programmed by our Lono moderators. Through this, you can dance your night away by listening to your favourite songs unlike being forced to listen to songs that we dislike-like in the past! You may ask but how am I supposed to dance and party with people that are listening to different music? Well the answer is simple each club or party programmes their area to operate at the same bpm, so you can groove in the same time as your fellow ravers. This way you are still connected and can listen to music that you individually enjoy!

Features of Lono

Feature #1

Relationship Status

A Lono also displays your relationship status, so that there is less confusion. It makes casual hook ups easier than ever.

Feature #2

Navigation Chip

The device also has a built in navigation chip, which tracks your position. We all have been in the situation when we lost our friends in the club and spent half of our night trying to find each other. This problem is solved through the phone app that syncs to your Lono device. With the feature of ‘FInd my Friend’ you can locate your friend easily with the aid of a floor plan that displays the position of your friends! Lono always knows where you are.

Smart Phone Überblick

Find my Friend

Navigation On




Feature #3

Limiting Noises

Feature #4

Your Daily Lono

The lono also functions in your daily life, via the app you can listen to songs that you choose yourself or pick one of the selected playlists that will suit the mood or place that you are in.

Another benefit of a Lono device is limiting the noise for parties or clubs located in residential areas. With the issue of overpopulation as people are stacked on top of each other. Living places are set up above or right next to bars, clubs or other establishments. The Lono can limit the amount of noise complaints and keep both the party goers and residents happy.

Speculative Design & Concept Development

by Bartosz Kos, Denise Hirtenfelder, Fela Walvisch


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