In-between Homes

In-between homes, we are always part of it but never the whole.

In-between homes is an experimental writing and sound installation that deals with the freedom and boundaries of Generation Z, and with searching for home while living in parallel worlds.

The work is based on personal experience of being young, being a part of universe, having the freedom of choice but also questions the restraints that are connected to the Millennial lifestyle that offers so many options.

Hirtenfelder creates pictures through using words and metaphors. She evokes the observer to fall into her world and to define his/her own meaning towards home.

In-Between Homes - Denise Hirtenfelder
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© In-between Homes, Denise Hirtenfelder, sound installation, 7:05 minutes, Rotterdam, 2019

At Night

At night I am a ballet dancer with a fragile mind speaking a language nobody else has ever heard of before.

Denise Hirtenfelder

At Night

a poem and the same poem built up as an anagram.
brought the letters of every word out of order. rearranged
the letters. created a new language. being the
representer of that language.
answered some questions we all should ask us more
often. felt inspired of them. asked the same questions
more people. but they are anonymous. just i am an
open book.

and who are you at night when everyone is sleeping?

© At Night, Denise Hirtenfelder, spoken word/ experimental writing, Rotterdam, 2019

 © 2018 by Denise Hirtenfelder

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