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Facing the In-Between Magazine ISSUE #01

Facing the In-Between is a young arts & culture magazine that explores fields within design, research and art. It deals with issues of the present and looks for alternatives for the future. The magazine primarily focuses on the ideas of the next generation of creatives. In Issue #01 it mainly deals with the position of artists and designers in-between a specific field and the various practices they perform today, while the upcoming Issue #02 illustrates specific collaborative projects that are conceptualized for our future economy. Facing the In-Between is an independent project by Denise Hirtenfelder where she takes both positions – the position of the artist who creates concepts and works, and the position of the journalist and communicator. The graphic design of the magazine is largely created by Hirtenfelder herself, whereas she still uses the material and information others offer to her.

Concept-Development, Art Direction, Writing


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