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eyes&ah: Curating, Workshops

eyes&ah is an Austrian independent fashion and art platform that provides young creatives the possibility of expressing themselves freely in form of workshops, exhibitions and event planning. eyes&ah was initially founded by Carolin Berger and Denise Hirtenfelder, who had the idea to connect national and international textile-artists in the touristic town Millstatt am See in Carinthia, Austria. In summer 2019 they organized the programme “Work in Progress” in collaboration with 30 artists and designers having their showrooms at various spaces in the town. Additionally, they were curators of a fashion event; styled Anna Gasser, the world master in snowboarding, and Eva Gasser the Austrian master in gymnastics; they were in charge of the interior decoration of the renowned Pulcinella Ball in the castle Porcia in Spittal and created a workshop programme with several young professionals.

In summer 2020 they continued their workshop ideas. Berger took over the main responsibility for the platform, while Hirtenfelder concentrated on workshops for children and teenagers. In her programme she included her own knowledge about materials such as polymer clay, but also experimented with simple possibilities that were offered. These incorporated working with recycled materials, colour and moodboard try-outs as well as producing bee-wraps. Hirtenfelder has been initiating workshops in schools since 2018.


Carolin Berger and Denise Hirtenfelder expanded their programme in July 2020 when they held a Kimono sewing workshop for adults in Innsbruck, Austria. They collaborated with ZAMMNAHN, an initiative for sewing at all levels under the direction of the designer Sigrid Wenter.



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Curating & Workshops

This information incorporates Denise Hirtenfelder's activities for eyes&ah

2019 & 2020

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